... and I ordered what turned out to be the best Buffalo wings that I’ve ever consumed, along with a few other scrumptious appetizers. Just saying’.
— Jonathan Charles Fox, The River Reporter
Bar, Bands and Borscht Belt BBQ is the slogan for this new music venue in Parksville, and it delivers all three with panache. Its line-up of live music acts includes co-founder and NYC jazz performer Wade St. Germain (whose stage name is Cabernet Frank).
— Catskill Eats
Their menu? Borscht Belt BBQ. Think meat with a coffee-chocolate rub, brick oven chicken, “green eggs and ham” deviled eggs, martini stuffed trout, ribs and brisket, appetizers based on Grossinger’s and Kutsher’s Catskills hotels from the ‘50s and ‘60s, the ideas are endless.
— AUTUMN SCHANIL, THE Sullivan County Democrat
Parksville comes roaring back to life with back to back creative art venues. First, Beaverkill Studio. Now followed by Cabernet Frank’s setting up the new genre of Borscht Belt BBQ.



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