Good afternoon Cabernet Frank friends and fans!

I had a request to explain "Why Cabernet Frank's" from my dear pal, Juanita Grande.  She lives in France, and is all wine savvy.  A brief explanation of the name and or why everybody in Sullivan County now calls me Frank - which is much better than Wayne which I am always called at Starbucks.

I've done a fair bit of performing in NYC and other places, with many stage names that reflected the material I was working with, such as Bart Baccarat and Collie Hole.  better than While doing a residency at "Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction," I fell into being Cabernet Frank.  

Most of you are familiar with Cabernet Sauvignon, a grape used too make a wine of the same name or a Bordeaux, among oodles of blends from other places.  Cabernet Franc is another red grape, makes a delicious stand-alone wine when well treated, like our feature Cab Franc's from Bashakill Vineyards (Black Bear) and Sheldrake Point Vineyard (Rose and Luckystone blended red.)  Everyone is familiar with Cabernet Sauvignon, and many with Cabernet Franc.  Those unfamiliar with Cab Franc still respond to the in-joke of a performer named Cabernet Frank, a crooner who is probably, practically made of Cabernet at this point in his sodden career.  They get the ring of Cabaret in the sounding of the name and some are confused- "Don't you mean Cabaret Frank?"    No, I don't.   Just as my good friend, Arda Koka thought Bart Baccarat was a misprint and ordered me business cards proclaiming Wade St. Germain is Burt Bacharach which is simply too big of a stretch to  be credible,   I am neither a cabaret, or named Frank, or a grape, be it Cabernet Franc or Cabernet Sauvignon.   

I am, however, the character/performer Cabernet Frank, who owns and operates the music/bar/borscht belt BBQ venue known as Cabernet Frank's, a haven for winos, music lovers and good-time Charlies (good name for out next venue,) Feel Good Fannys, Cajun Kings and Voodoo Queens and everyone in between!

Yours truly, Cabernet Frank!


RJ Baker