Happy Summer 2016

Happy Summer from Cabernet Frank's to all our customers, friends and future Frankophiles!  We approach this Friday night, our 11th night of serving you bands, bar, and borscht-belt BBQ with glad hearts. Maybe you saw our float at the Trout Parade in Livingston Manor, where I dressed as a swashed-buckler and sang Pirates in the Stream, That Is What We Arrrrrrr from the bed of a pickup truck decked out like a schooner. Maybe you came to our soft opening later that night-over a hundred excited guests did, and like in that miracle of the loaves and trout you read about, somehow everybody got served good food and heard the music of Hope Debates and North Forty, and also Janet Burgan, who will be returning to play her new album of love songs this Friday night!

Or maybe you have been to visit since then, and have watched us grow and groan under the learning curve that teaches us every new night we've been open how better to serve you. Many people have gotten back to us with stellar reviews; more have been very positive and mentioned that small gaffs could be overlooked as we are a new-born fawn in the Catskill wilderness that may grow a fine set of antlers given time. And for still others we have fallen flat on our faces, including a man in his seventies who told me I was a horrible man and seemed to believe I personally wished he would have the worst time of his life in my venue.

We are thankful for all this feedback, and as each weekend goes by I feel we are improving our service and consistency in bringing you great locally sourced dishes and borscht belt resort-inspired appetizers and cocktails. As of last week we also have a great wine-list in place.

During the week, as I've been mowing the Frank's yard or taking deliveries, many folks have stopped by expressing their pleasure that another restaurant, besides the incredible Rolling River Cafe, was opening in Parksville. They all shared dismay at the decline of Main Street, once one of the most hopping streets in the borsht belt. They wanted to know more about my husband RJ Baker and myself, and toldstories of times eight or ten or 15 years ago when they had last eaten in the building that is now Cab Frank's; first when it was The Tumbleweed or later, at Big Willie's Cajun restaurant. I'll be sharing some of our story with you next week- as my momma said, they won't buy the cow if you keep squirting milk in their eyes.    

Please come celebrate the return of live music to Parksville with the Cabernet Frank's team, to whom I am deeply grateful. They assist me in any way they can in bringing Cab Frank's from a dream to a Catskill staple where music, good food and drink and vibrations are proffered to any who choose to partake. I will encourage them to share a bit of their stories in the weeks to come.

Most importantly, we thank you for your support. It means everything.

Yours truly, Cabernet Frank

RJ Baker